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A Response to a Query
A Response to a Query
In general response to a number of queries I have seen bandied about. The wording varies, but the gist remains the same: "Is there any spell I can use to turn myself into a mermaid?"
Full human transformation is impossible. There is no way that you, in the body you occupy, can simply "become" a mermaid. Mermaids don't exist, at least not anymore. The thought is laughable.
The basic idea however, is not. It is no laughing matter at all.
I have to urge, do not under any circumstances follow these instructions. These are magicks and sciences which are not to be toyed with. This guide is written for academic purposes only, for if the instructions given here were to be followed it would place a stain on a human soul such that could never be removed. It would act as a rust or a cancer, slowly devouring any semblance of true humanity left in the resultant abomination.
The "mermaid" you would become would be not human, beast or spirit, effectively immort
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United States
I'm mostly just here to give myself some reason to try to improve my art besides my own satisfaction. I figure a huge community of artists scrutinizing each other's work is the perfect place for that! So come on, take a look at my pictures, ogle my inventions, and read my writings, and if you like something, tell me! If you don't like something, tell me that too! I'm here to learn, so don't be worried about my feelings*!

*That said, please don't go out of your way to be mean. It's... mean.

Print preference: Times New Roman. 12 pt. font. Double spaced.
Operating System: A 1:1 working replica of Babbage's Difference Engine
MP3 player of choice: i <3 my iPod
Shell of choice: clam
Wallpaper of choice: right now it's a walrus listening to an old walkman. it pretty bamf yo.
Skin of choice: I'm pretty happy with my own... It's a little pale, but I've been tanning.
Favourite cartoon character: Mr. Clean
Oh wow, I am way too pumped about something so minor, but I just noticed that my works are getting more than one view per day (1.18 in fact!) Add to this the fact that I'm averaging more than three pageviews a day and let me tell you I am just over the moon! Thanks to everybody who's been looking at my stuff!


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